Contained within this gallery are a collection of images that have been a joy to capture. Photography has put me in places I would not have otherwise been, to experience things I would not have otherwise experienced. Every early morning, long day and sleepless night has been worth the effort for those valuable memories. So the feeling I have when I come back with an image that I personally enjoy and feel in some way speaks of a scene’s lasting impression on me, is something that reinforces the reasons why I go to the lengths I do for the shot.




When I am out in the natural world I am in awe of the creations of the elements, earth and time. I am also thankful that the sounds of the civilized world are replaced with a peaceful silence that lets you slow down to a point where you can start to greet the character of the land.



Getting up into the air to view the landscape opens up a whole new level of appreciation for the beauty, complexity and unity of the land we inhabit. All the vast features of the landscape now show themselves to be in a much closer proximity to each other to the point where you realize just how much more they are in fact intertwined. This is when the artistic hand of the natural world can be appreciated to an amazingly different degree.



There is something about a scene stripped of colour. It allows you to take it in with no other influence other than the details contained within. Subtleties can seem to find a much more unhindered presence and a hidden mood can be pushed to the forefront.



A collection of images with various takes on reality, details and colour etc.



I have had a love of the animal kingdom for as long as I can remember. Whether I am intentionally going out to capture an image, or whether it's an encounter that comes from being in the right place at the right time, I am always happy to walk away with the interaction more so than whether or not I captured the image I had hoped for.