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About Myself.

My name is Jarrad Parker, I was born in November of 1979 and I am based in the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. My first love was illustration, and from a very young age I would spend hours on end almost everyday getting lost in the creativity that this medium facilitated. This continued throughout high school and it is there where I also discovered a passion for the creative avenue that photography provided, being the mid Nineties we were still lucky enough to be taught using film which added to the attraction.

After leaving school I still continued with my art but my time with photography got left mainly to just enjoying taking photos of the landscape while out exploring it when away solo, with family or with good mates when away on surfing trips. It wasn't until November of 2014 that my passion for illustration was overtaken when I decided to purchase a DSLR and dedicate more of my time and efforts into getting out there to shoot, with the main intention of trying to capture in an image, the feelings these landscapes placed upon me.

The beauty in the way the elements cast their mood upon the character of the landscape fascinates me. This is the main drive and focus behind my photography and overall, this is what I try to put forward through my images. I also feel my illustrative background is what drives a fixation for the textures, colours and smaller details that can be found amongst a landscape. I would describe my photography as more of an intimate perspective of the world around me.

I enjoy many different styles of landscape photography and photography in general, so I tend to be quite open to exploring different approaches to conveying a scene. This leaves me free to let each individual capture guide it's own path through the editing process, hence my work tends to range from black and white through to dark and moody and bright and colourful.

My main goals with the medium are quite straight forward and clear. I simply aim to keep the feeling of wonder, anticipation and excitement that go along with getting out there and shooting the landscape at the forefront of my relationship with photography, while keeping the foundations focused on improving my vision and skills at image making.


I have been proud and fortunate to have my images recognised and featured in various competitions over the last few years. The highlight of which was taking out the runners up position in the Landscape category of Capture Magazines Australia's Top Emerging Photographers in 2017, and I also had another submission place in the final top 10. In the year proceeding I was named runner up for Photographer of the Year 2016 in a competition run by the Focus Photographers Group. My most recent achievement was placing 4th in the landscape category of Australian Photography Magazine's Photographer of the year 2017, and I was also very pleased to have my other submissions place 6th and 14th in the final top 20.

In 2017 I was also very proud and appreciative to have a feature in Capture Magazine's Talent section which you can read more about HERE.

  Focus Photographers  Group - Photographer of the year 2016.     - Runner Up -

Focus Photographers  Group - Photographer of the year 2016.

-Runner Up -

  Australian Photography Magazine -   Photographer of the Year 2017.     LANDSCAPE TOP 20.     -4th Place-    -6th Place-    -14th Place-

Australian Photography Magazine - Photographer of the Year 2017.


-4th Place-

-6th Place-

-14th Place-

  Capture Magazine's - Australia's Top Emerging Photographers 2017.     LANDSCAPE TOP 10.     -Runner up -    -9th Place-

Capture Magazine's - Australia's Top Emerging Photographers 2017.


-Runner up -

-9th Place-


Images Available.

All images within this site are available for purchase and I also offer image licencing options, so please feel free to contact me to request either, or if you have any queries. I am currently creating a store where visitors to my website will be able to purchase my work directly from the site, and hope to have it up and running in the near future. If you would like to view a more comprehensive gallery of my work, or to browse through other images available for purchase, head over to my Instagram account. It is a great way to keep up to date as I am uploading new images frequently. Links to my Facebook and Instagram account can be found at the bottom of the page, or you can directly access my Instagram account by clicking on this link.

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