Welcome, my name is Jarrad Parker and I am a passionate landscape photographer based in Perth,  Western Australia. I count myself lucky to have been brought up in a land graced by beautiful surrounds and amazing diversity. Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed nothing more than getting out amongst the natural world around me and soaking up the consuming experience that came from wondering out where ever I was and exploring. Blessed to have the beauty of W.A's South West as a constant destination of travel throughout my youth, and with stunning beaches and thick bush land around every corner, I would spend as much time in such surrounds as I could, loosing myself in that world. This is what drove me to pick up a camera as I got older. I was trying to capture the atmosphere and visions I had when I was in places where I was most happy and free, to keep for always as I never wanted to leave. I love the power and presence of the changing weather and the beauty of movement in the natural light, the way these elements cast their mood upon the landscape is the motivation that is behind the way I enjoy to capture and put forward images. I hope the people that view my photos see a reflection of this, and if but for a moment, get drawn in and pulled away from their everyday thoughts.

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